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After 39 years and still counting, Pacific Airsports is extremely proud of our reputation and we are committed to ensuring you have a safe, memorable, fun and AFFORDABLE jump with our talented and experienced staff. Here are our prices on a tandem jump, includes the tax and these prices are for any day of the week including the weekends.

No VideoOne Video AngleTwo Video Angle and T-Shirt
1 Person$275$299$375
2 or 3 People$250$275$350
4 or 5 People$225$250$325
6 or More$200$225$300

Any combination, video or no video, is eligible for the group rates. We also offer the First Jump Course for those who want to jump solo and the savings there is substantial as well. Call us at 250-923-2424 or email [email protected]. Come for a nice drive along the Inland Highway and save yourself a lot of money by coming up to Campbell River for your skydive.

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First-time Jumpers

Whether you want to make one jump or get trained to become a licensed skydiver, we do it all!

Student Jumpers

You've done your first jump, now what? We have all the equipment and training you'll need to become a Canadian Sport Parachute Association licensed skydiver! Contact us for more information.

Licensed Jumpers

Contact us for pricing.

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  • Gift certificates also available, give the gift of adventure!
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Tandem Jump

  • Jump from 10,000 feet with an instructor and a parachute built for two.
  • Training: 30 minutes

[details and pricing]

First Jump Course

  • Learn to make a solo parachute jump from 3,000 feet.
  • Training: 6 hours (one day)
  • Packages and group rates available!

[details and pricing]